September flower 2

Here’s another free-motion machine-embroidered flower for September, based on the knapweed flower. As a practice piece after testing different machine settings and stitches, it was extremely useful. One layer of thin poly-cotton fabric was backed with medium weight iron-on dressmaker’s interfacing and then hooped before stitching.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles and puckers worsened as I increased the length of the stems and added a couple of leaves so I unpicked the leaves and shortened the stems but it didn’t satisfactorily cure the puckers. It could have been the stitch length or tension or the direction of the fabric weave or stitches, too thin a fabric, or a multitude of other reasons. Time to consult a book or two.

another flower

and the next one please

Lavender shouldn’t have taken as long to complete as it did but Big Sis is here and we’ve been out and about and doing things other than sewing. I’ve already begun French Lavender and we’re having a day at home today so there will be no excuse for not stitching.


Flax finished

Flax is finished and I’m already looking forward to starting on Wild Strawberry as the fruits are made by first stuffing berry-shaped pieces of felt stitched to the background fabric and then applying needlelace over the raised shape. I’ve done needlelace quite a few times but never on a 3D shape before. Another skill to learn!



Viola now finished and I’m happy with this one. Thirteen more flowers to do!


hot day photographs

A few days ago I noticed a large thistle plant near my home. I didn’t manage to photograph it until yesterday, by which time it had been chopped down, hence the faded colours in the images below. I placed the cut portion against the hedge to take the photographs. I was on my way to keep fit class with time to spare so took the other photographs along the way.

faded thistle

thistle bud

thistle purple

sick tree

sick tree bark

bad hair day

hello sun



feathery fronds

I wish I knew the names all these plants/flowers/trees that I photograph! If you know, share the knowledge!