Mother and Child

I embroidered this version of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Mother and Child in 1998. I don’t know how large the original red chalk drawing is but my version is 4.5 x 5.5 inches. In the drawing, the mother might actually be sewing something but it wasn’t possible to say for sure from the greetings card that I used as my source. I had forgotten that I gave her a piece of needlelace. I’m not even sure that the fountain in the background is part of the original either.


jingle jingle

All the blogs I follow have been busy making Christmassy things for the last month and more but apart from making one Christms present, I’ve not been in a crafting mood for weeks. Yesterday however, I had an itch to stitch something and since I’ll be in the kitchen a lot this week, came up with a festive apron. The original design idea was for a string or two of appliqued fairy lights and I may yet do those as they’re already cut out but I found a tatty santa hat with jingly bells amongst the tree decorations and thought they would be just as appropriate. The bells are lovely and tinkly if a tad loud and I do expect to hear sighs of exasperation from family members (followed by requests to remove the offending items) each time the bells jingle. I’ll let you know!

Christmas apron


8 days later

A new card reader was received by post last week but it wasn’t what I had ordered so it’s now about to be returned. Fortunately I had also ordered another from a different supplier and it arrived on Saturday. The second reader was the correct kind so I’m happily transferring images from camera to computer once more.

Here are two more of the fabric bowls I made last week. More to see tomorrow!

blue beige basket b

blue and red bowl

doorstop hen

I made this fat hen on Tuesday as a housewarming gift. She’s made from felt and stuffed with polyester batting. Lentils were used to weigh her down and ensure that she does her designated job of holding a door open.



red hen 1

red poppies

I like poppies and today I sewed two versions. I fused some red cotton to Bondaweb then cut out some poppy shapes, bonded the flowers to black linen then free-motion embroidered them before quilting the background with small circles. The other version is just free-motion machine embroidery on the same red cotton.

I know someone else who likes poppies and the next time I see her, she’ll be offered one of these tissue holders. My poppies may not be considered as authentic but I’m sure she won’t mind.



a makeover

Doris has been hanging on the back of my workroom door since she was made but there’s always been something about her that I’ve never been happy with so today she was given a new hairdo, a little eye surgery, and a pair of red earrings to co-ordinate with her lippy. She didn’t voice an opinion about her makeover but I’m sure she’d agree that she no longer looks as if she was put together by Dr Frankenstein.

New Doris


basket case

Yet again a straight-sided pot has eluded me but I think I ended up with a pretty good basket instead. 3″ high, diameter at handle base 6.5″.