sneak peak

Recently, I was lucky to buy a decent amount of mixed embroidery wool for just £2 from a local charity shop. Last week I finally got around to sewing something using it plus the Appleton’s wool I already had. I didn’t have the usual linen union fabric recommended for crewel wool work and since it’s outrageously expensive to buy, the back of an old linen shirt of JP’s had to do instead but it has actually been a joy to stitch on. Here’s a little peak:

no more pink shopping lists!

This is what happened to one of my favourite shirts because I forgot to remove a pink sticky from the pocket before the shirt was washed. Aaaaaargh!


scissors anyone?

The other day I was dividing bits and bobs into two containers and realised that I had quite a few pairs of scissors, collected over more than thirty years and used for various different purposes, the latest and largest being a purchase of wallpaper cutters only last week and a real bargain at £1.  There’s also a pair or two in a kitchen drawer and I haven’t included nail scissors or the ones in the first aid kit or the others in the bathroom …

I then counted my measuring tapes and found that I have eight of the dressmaking variety plus two heavy duty metal spring-loaded ones for woodworky stuff and of course several rulers of different materials and lengths. How many scissors and rulers/tapes do you have?

When I saw this shirt in a charity shop yesterday I knew it would be the replacement of a dull drab lining in a fleece I wear quite often. It was washed, dried, cut out and sewn from late afternoon until evening and I might wear it today when I’m out! Not bad for £1.99!