red sky in the morning

Whenever I see a red sky, I am reminded of the rhyme “Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.” I’m not a shepherd¬† but I’m always mentally blown away by the sight of a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I took these two images within about five minutes of each other from the same viewpoint less than half an hour ago. Nature at her best!






I added some more colour to this little landscape by way of flowers. I tried sewing a mouse but it was too small to be recognisable and a snail just looked like a bunch of threads being unravelled. The spider at least looks like a spider, albeit short of a leg or four.


is it enough?

I have a hankering to add a field mouse or more cow parsley to this landscape but sometimes it’s difficult to know when enough is enough. I’ll put it away until tomorrow and think again. Any opinions to share?


May flowers

We’re only four days into May and I’ve already completed the sewing challenge for the month – twice! When I spoke to big sis earlier this afternoon, she admitted that she had also already completed two pieces!

I coloured the background fabric and the daisies with oil pastels before machine stitching the daisies but I can’t decide whether to quilt around the daisies or not – whatdya all think?



Yellow buttercups were the basis for the second piece on silk tinted with water soluble wax pastels.¬† The fabric around the flowers was puckered after machining them so I bit the bullet and quilted the whole thing but I think it’s ok.

yellow flowers


snow alert?

By the time I copied this photo from the camera to the laptop and played with it in Adobe Photoshop to finally settle for only a slight darkening in contrast, the clouds had gone. And yes, I know you’re not supposed to photograph directly towards the sun but hey, rules are there for breaking sometimes and I thought it was the best picture of the few I took.

JP tells me that there is “a yellow alert” for snow in Scotland today but I can’t get there to take photographs so I’ll just have to watch the news instead. Well, I could really get to Scotland today because it’s not that far away, no matter what the English might think. Oh, didn’t you know that I hail from auld Caledonia? I do, but I’ve lived south of the border for longer than I ever lived north of it. Haven’t lost the accent though… but I digress.

Here are the photos – before and after editing. I have to say I don’t really know what I’m doing with Photoshop yet. I have Elements and I began learning how to use it last year (with great gusto I have to say) but then other things got in the way (as usual) and somehow Elements was put to one side and now I think I’ve forgotten all the stuff I learned last year. Ho hum, something else to pick up another day. It would be impossible for me ever to be bored – I’ve always got something to finish or get better at!

Not sure there’s much difference between the two versions now that I see them together. I was being cowardly and indecisive when it came to Elements’ menu choices and sun is shining on my screen, making it difficult to see much except the reflection of my hands and tea mug.

As usual, I forgot to put tags on this post. I think I’ll have to try and move the ‘tags’ bit of the template further up the page!