workbox #9 needlecase back

Today is the first day in almost a week that I’ve been able to access any embroidery as all the contents of my workroom had to be stored in another room while some major re-plastering followed by re-decoration was done. The workmen will be back again after the Easter break but I have been able to move most of my craft and sewing supplies back into my workroom and finished this imperfectly shaped and hitherto unknown species of blue flower which will be on the back of the needlecase.

workbox #9 needlebook

I chose a rose for the workbox needlebook front but I haven’t given any thought to what will be embroidered on the back.

workbox #7 tape measure cover 2

This Allium (aka flowering onion) is for the other side of the tape measure cover. The flower heads were embroidered with three or six strands in the needle which meant it only took an afternoon to stitch. I normally embroider with only one strand in the needle and I didn’t think that I’d be happy using six strands, but it was quite liberating. I’m pleasantly surprised with the end result.

workbox project #1

I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season and are ready to dive into 2018 with some new projects or finish those bothersome WIPs. I was looking forward to beginning Carolyn Pearce’s Home Sweet Home workbox but the book, due to drop through my letterbox on December 21st didn’t arrive. In the meantime, I’ve been reading Janet Granger’s blog which has excellent posts about this very workbox. It took Janet a year to complete the box and accessories and it may well take me longer but I’m in no hurry and expect to stitch other things in between.

A skim through old Inspirations magazines after Christmas revealed an article in issue 81 by Carolyn Pearce on how to make the thimble case, tape measure cover, and thread cutter cover, which are some of the accessories to the workbox so while I’m waiting for the book to arrive (replacement copy due later this week) I thought I would embroider the thimble case. I can see already that the workbox and accessories project will require mega concentration and precision in all areas, for example, my vines on the trellis of the thimble case are more overgrown than Ms Pearce’s and definitely in need of pruning.


box of birds parrot wannabee

I didn’t have a particular kind of bird in mind when I drew this one but now the slip is finished I think it’s a parrot wannabe.

box of birds dipper

It only took me an afternoon and evening to stitch the second bird. It’s based on a dipper (cinclus cinclus) but I changed the colours slightly. As per the nuthatch, beak and legs will be added once it’s appliquéd to the final background fabric.

Kardinal garden 3

Roses finished and love-in-a-mist begun.