Kardinal garden 2

After a session of unpicking and two evenings re-stitching them, I think my flowers are now less daisy-like and more like the roses they should be. The addition of lazy daisy stitch greenery helps too.


autumn garden 6

The final installment. Finished size 9″ x 4″ approx. I’m not happy with some of it but doubt that I’ll unpick and re-sew those bits. The fabric was OK to embroider on but I seem to get better results with calico so I’ll no doubt revert to that for the next piece, whatever that might be.



autumn garden 5

On the last leg now and if I don’t finish it this evening, it will be nearly a week before I can add any more as I’m off to do some painting away from home this coming week.


autumn garden 4

This time round it’s nerine, rosehips, cyclamen, autumn crocus, hydrangea, colchicum and chamomile that have been stitched. This evening a start will be made on the other side of the arch.


autumn garden 3

Not the best quality image I’m afraid but all I could do in the available light. French lavender, easter daisies (aka michaelmas daisies), and button chrysanthemums now completed.


autumn garden 2

I’ve already gone off piste with this piece by choosing slightly different colours to those recommended in the book. I consider my supply of embroidery threads and colour options to be reasonably large but when looking for the colours suggested I found that I was missing more than just a few and I’m reluctant to buy more threads and use perhaps only one or two lengths just to be able to keep to the colour suggestions listed. Using existing supplies makes the piece more my own perhaps. Or me a cheapskate. Yeah, definitely the latter.


Autumn Garden 1

I bought Diana Lampe’s book Embroidery For All Seasons for a friend’s Christmas pressie and when it arrived I thought it was so good that I ordered a copy for myself. I’m using a polyester viscose mix curtain fabric which I bought thinking that it might be suitable for crewel wool embroidery. I haven’t yet decided on a particular subject for that so the fabric has remained in the drawer since it was purchased until I came across it again two days ago. I’ve added some background colour with crayons but think that by the time I’ve finished embroidering on it, the colour will have mostly rubbed off. No matter. The book has four gardens to embroider and I have chosen the autumn one. I may change things as I go along and then end up with a garden that has flowers and or plants that belong to different seasons but do I care? Absolutely not.



My continued thanks to those of you who still follow me – it’s good not to be blogging in a vacuum. I also appreciate the lovely comments about my work that some of you take time to write. My face may show that JP and I were married 39 years ago yesterday but inside I’m still in my mid twenties. Well, maybe mid thirties if I’m honest. I’ve no idea what the coming year will hold for any of us but I’m determined to continue to look for the best and good in anything that happens. I hope 2017 will be good for you. See you then.