workbox #7 tape measure cover 2

This Allium (aka flowering onion) is for the other side of the tape measure cover. The flower heads were embroidered with three or six strands in the needle which meant it only took an afternoon to stitch. I normally embroider with only one strand in the needle and I didn’t think that I’d be happy using six strands, but it was quite liberating. I’m pleasantly surprised with the end result.

workbox #6 tape measure cover

This embroidery for the lid of the tape measure cover measures only approximately 4 cm across and it’s taken me many hours over several days to stitch, longer than I expected it would. I outlined each part with stem stitch then filled them with satin stitch except for the light blue area which is filled with French knots. As an afterthought I used gold around the outer edges to give the medallion a visual lift using stem stitch, with the centre in satin stitch and a single French knots. I had to resort to using my small forceps to pull the needle through. There’s a slightly raised effect which I like although it’s not very obvious from the image. All stitching done with a single strand of DMC embroidery cotton and silk. Glad to be finished with this now and looking forward to starting something else.