Coriander was finished early evening yesterday but the photos I took were worse than the stitching. I find white on white difficult to photograph well so you’ll just have to settle for this one, taken a few minutes ago which is marginally better than yesteday’s efforts:


Only one more project to do now – Pennyroyal, and after that I’m going to have a loooong rest from stitching flowers and leaves.

leaves and more leaves

Normally I’d work through one piece of embroidery from start to finish but after I made all seven stumpwork leaves for Golden Thyme on Saturday, I wanted a rest from using the magnifying light so I stitched the appliqu├ęd French knot slips for Apple Mint and then returned to Turkey knotting in Santolina. Yesterday I sewed for hours looking through the magnifying lamp while I made the two-colour stumpwork leaves for Apple Mint and was so pleased with how they turned out I just kept going until the whole piece was finished. Once again, even though I had the same DMC thread numbers that the book lists, they didn’t look the same so I chose my own colour palette which I think looks minty enough to be acceptable.DSCF3074