more pouches

I just remembered that I hadn’t posted about the second batch of zippered pouches I made and I imagine you’ve all been desperate to see them (as if). I haven’t boxed the corners this time apart from the one that has “top” on one side and “bottom” on the other.


custom pencil case

I want to take a selection of drawing stuff with me next week in case I get the urge to doodle create a masterpiece whilst on the train but I hate having to rummage for a particular pen or pencil in a single slot case so after I returned from a trip to the cinema to see Jurasic World followed by lunch at my favourite Chinese restaurant, I spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday making myself a multi-slot pencil case that hopefully will work for me. One part now holds only pencils, another pens and a set of artist brush pens, and the middle pocket is for the flat and or small stuff like a set square, ruler, a rubber and a sharpener so they will always be easy to find.

pencil case


a new cardijacket

The sweater in the smaller image below was yet another charity shop find. I loved the chenille and the colour but thought that it would be more useful to me with a front opening. A little more hunting and I found the patterned dress which colours co-ordinated beautifully, and in a size and style that I calculated would yield sufficient fabric for a lining. The most difficult stage of the revamp was cutting the front in two – there was no going back after that! I am however, delighted with my new cardijacket* but haven’t made up my mind whether to add a zip or buttons or some other kind of closure as it will probably only be worn indoors when I’m feeling cool but can’t justify turning the heating on so I don’t really need a fastening or any sort. I may need to wear it a few times to decide. Another bargain for less than £15. [*Have I just invented a new word?]