Still here

Way back in January, I suddenly wasn’t sure if I wanted to carry on blogging so I gave myself a break. I was chatting about it with a friend this morning and as a result, have decided to come back to it. As in the past, most posts will be about my endeavours in embroidery and sewing, the latter being mainly things I’ve made from materials which have been upcycled or donated to my local British Red Cross clothing shop and then put out for sale. The occasional dog related post will be thrown in for good measure.

If you search on Facebook for @BRCCheltenham, you’ll find posts with images showing things the craft group has made. These posts are a fairly recent thing for the craft group so there isn’t too much there yet but do have a look and please share the page with your friends. It’s all in a good cause.

I’ll ease you in gently with just a couple of items today. The first one is big enough for small toys but would equally suit a household with a couple of hundred clothes pegs. Fully lined with appliqued hearts because I was fed up looking at just stripes.

Three decent sized lined pouches for those little things that you can never find at the bottom of your handbag like:- plasters; a tape measure; the kit with a screwdriver inside to tighten the screw that holds the leg of your specs securely; lip balm; that special offer voucher you forgot to use. You get the idea.

6 Responses to “Still here”

  1. steelyseamstress Says:

    Love these. A fully lined peg bag with applique hearts – looks fantastic!

  2. virtuosewadventures Says:

    It’s always worth taking the break to be sure you want to carry on. The applique is just enough to “lift” the pegbag, isn’t it..

  3. Double Pie Says:

    Did You use Harris Tweed tartan tweed? It looks like their tweed😀 we we working on tweed for a couple of months. Very nice experience…

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