post pot demo

I think my fabric pot demonstration on Wednesday was well received. The ladies who attended were polite enough to say that they’d enjoyed it and at least one of them accompanied me to buy core cord to try making one herself.

I’ve been compiling a how-to sheet for the Janome group since then and a couple of times I’ve turned round to check a setting or test something on my sewing machine to find only this:

DSCF2077-1Where my sewing machine normally sits there is only an abandoned extension table and the bits and pieces I used for the demo.

demo pot

Tomorrow is the day that the monthly Janome owners group meets and I’ll be attempting to demonstrate how I make the fabric pots. I made this one yesterday to show how easy it is to incorporate a little variety. Except that’s not quite true. I had something completely different in mind when I began it – this is just what it morphed into when I realised I wouldn’t have enough of the fabric to complete my original idea. When I was taking the photo earlier, the shape reminded me of the church collection plates I remember from my childhood. Do they still use collection plates in churches? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you can pay through Paypal or Mastercard these days.

I’ll be using my own sewing machine at the group meeting and then leaving it behind for a proper service. What will I do without it for possibly two whole weeks????

demo pot

This is post number 300 and it’s taken me longer to get here than I thought it might but it’s another milestone of sorts I suppose. Many thanks to all of you who continue to follow me and particularly to those who take the time to write comments¬† – it’s all appreciated, I assure you.

red poppies

I like poppies and today I sewed two versions. I fused some red cotton to Bondaweb then cut out some poppy shapes, bonded the flowers to black linen then free-motion embroidered them before quilting the background with small circles. The other version is just free-motion machine embroidery on the same red cotton.

I know someone else who likes poppies and the next time I see her, she’ll be offered one of these tissue holders. My poppies may not be considered as authentic but I’m sure she won’t mind.



Hello Jack!

I showed this to JP and said that I didn’t know which character it was but he immediately replied that it had to be Jack (of giants and beanstalks fame) because of his shabby mis-matched clothes, floppy worn hat, loose tights, soft ill-fitting shoes, and dreamy pose. I’m going to agree with him and not put it down to my stitching or fabric choices!


before I spoil it

I bought Bondaweb recently from Empress Mills because it was a bargain at ¬£12 for 5m and I needed more anyway.¬† This is what I did with some of it yesterday and I thought I’d post it now before I spoil it with stitches of any kind! If I ever pluck up the courage to quilt it, it will be a small wall-hanging because at A4 size max, and my not being a quilter per se, I can’t think of anything else to do with it! I don’t know who the character is but the original image is from a book of Anderson’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by W Heath Robinson.


a new outfit too

Thanks to the latest comment from opusanglicanum about Doris, I’ve given her a new outfit today.



a makeover

Doris has been hanging on the back of my workroom door since she was made but there’s always been something about her that I’ve never been happy with so today she was given a new hairdo, a little eye surgery, and a pair of red earrings to co-ordinate with her lippy. She didn’t voice an opinion about her makeover but I’m sure she’d agree that she no longer looks as if she was put together by Dr Frankenstein.

New Doris



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