linear face

A little linear fun today.



portrait quilt 2nd stage

I stitched all the fused appliqué pieces to the background with a straight stitch and I free motion stitched over the main face pieces a few days later but this additional stitching made Mum look extremely old and wrinkly (which she certainly wasn’t at aged 21!), so next day I unpicked all the unintended wrinkles, pressed out all the needle holes and left it for a day or two.

Yesterday I added a little hand stitching to highlight the eyes. Today I didn’t like the amount of fraying that was increasing each time I worked on this quilt so I went round each piece with a small zig-zag stitch and I think that was a better choice.

My quandry now is what kind of free motion stitching to use on the background fabric. I think it needs to be something smallish or possibly nothing at all. Grateful for any suggestions from any quilters out there.



stage 2-2


more bookmarks

I started this lot yesterday and finished them earlier this morning (I’ve been up for hours). Could ten bookmarks be enough do you think?





Following another session of aimless doodling with my sewing machine this week, I realised that I could turn my doodling into something useful like bookmarks, so here are the first three. Free motion embroidery on a double layer of heavy duty interfacing painted with water colour pencils then backed with cotton fabric. Approximately 8″ x 2″.


evening work

This is my latest ‘stitch while watching tv’ piece of embroidery.  The words are all stem stitch and the dog and fox are my version of long and short stitch. All worked with a single strand of silk thread apart from the dog’s coat which was with two.

jumping fox

portrait quilt 1st stage

Big sis brought me some family photographs on her last visit here and amongst them was one of my favourites – my mother aged 21. It took me several days to work out the best method of making an appliquéd portrait quilt of the photograph and what fabrics to use and so on. On Saturday I numbered all the individual pieces on my master drawing and then traced them before copying them onto fusible web. Yesterday I ironed the fusible web to my fabric selections and then cut out all the pieces. Most of this afternoon has been spent assembling and layering the pieces into a recognisable picture and then fusing everything to the background. The next stage will be done on my sewing machine and by hand but just for a change I’m going to think carefully about how I do those, and not rush. The actual colours in the quilt are not quite as washed out as they appear in the image below – I don’t know what went wrong with that!

stage 1

did I need an extra potholder?

No, but I’ve got one now. The appliqué leaf from the previous post was lost in a sea of black, and quilting a substantial amount of fabric around it did not help. There was too much stitching to unpick so I chopped off the quilted surround, gave the leaf a bias binding edge, and a hanging loop to turn it into something useful.

pot holder


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