what will this be?

I had a pile of scraps left over from making coiled pots so I stitched a few lengths to an 18″ x 12″ piece of stiff interfacing and then painted over them with acrylic paints. I should have given the scraps layout and the colour placement more thought but once I’d decided to do this, I just hash-bashed my way through. I’m happy with the end result and unusually, I have something in mind for it!

painted fabric


quilted portrait

I’ve had a portrait quilt on the back burner for many months because I reached a stage where I didn’t know how to take it forward and when I brought it out of hibernation once more last week, I knew that I was going to have to be brave and just try something or start it all over again. Maria Elkins first gave me the idea for it from her article in The Quilting Arts Book by Patricia Bolton and today as a way to prevaricate some more over the partially completed one, I followed Maria directions to make a 6″ x 4″ portrait quilt of another family member.

portrait quilt


more than just a tree

This piece began a couple of weeks ago with an appliquéd bicycle and a bit of a landscape outline. Then I added the tree I posted about last week. What had begun as sky somehow morphed into water so I added a few yachts. That meant that the foreground had to change from the original blue background so I added touches of green with fabric crayons and a suggestion of grass by way of free-motion machine embroidery and hand embroidery. Today I appliquéd dyed muslin scraps to the field on the left for texture. I think I should call it quits now.


bicycle landscape

trees 1

This week I’ve been working on a couple of pieces involving trees. This tree is only 3″ long (tall?) and was fairly quick to stitch.

tree selection

new thread storage

I had previously stored these particular spools of thread in two little drawer units but each time I took one out to use, the rest fell over (which was annoying when it came to putting a spool back again) so I came up with this solution today using an old box file. I marked a sheet of paper with the spacing I wanted then used a stiletto to make holes through the paper and two layers of foamboard already cut to size. Lightweight plant support sticks were cut to length, one end dipped into PVA glue and then pushed into the foamboard. Melted wax was dripped onto the visible tips to round off the ends and prevent splinters.

As a thread storage system this might be considered fairly large but closing the lid will keep the threads dust free and the spools will no longer fall over and unravel. I’m delighted with it!

thread storage1

thread storage2


Sunday sewing

Two more key fobs – one for the electricity meter cupboard key and the other for a set of house keys.

key fobs 2


I made the mock water lily this morning and then painted the papier maché box with acrylic paint. I know that my lily is botanically incorrect but it was only a bit of fun. I haven’t permanently affixed it to the lid and I like the idea of a big blowsy flower on a box lid so I expect I’ll soon make another.mock water lily

key fobs

I needed a couple of key fobs so what else would I do but make them.

key fobs


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